LCD Projector Repair

The number of individual internal components of LCD projectors are more than that of DLP projectors. Consequently,  failure of LCD machine tends to  be more expensive to repair.  

Issues affecting  LCD projectors are;  

  • Chicken Wire Effect;  This shows up noticeably on projected images in the form of grid type pixel patterns making the image appear pixelated.
  • Burnt LCD Panels;  This may result in pinkish, yellowish or bluish  or a combination of any of these colors.
  • Overheating; LCD projectors heat up fast. As such the fans are more powerful and they work harder to cool down the unit, hence  fan failure.
  • Ballast, main board  and power board failure. All these are due to overheating.
  • Lenses Assembly cleaning
  • Inputs ports contact reflow 

All electrical devices, projectors included, are being redesigned with the goal of reducing their impact on the depletion of the ozone layer. Hence the less the energy used for the same level of output, the better. Here LCD technology takes the lead over DLP technologies. Both consumers and businesses take this into consideration when buying a new projector

Advantages of LCD projectors over DLP projectors. 

  • LCD Projector Repair
    • Better brightness levels
      LCD projectors produces brighter images, compared with a DLP projector when using lamps with the same power rating. Projected images of an LCD projector have greater saturation. this is to say that the images are brighter, more alive
    • Rainbow effect is noticeable when bright objects are shown on dark background. Image appears to have trails of multi-coloured lights. Not everyone gets bothered by this phenomenon as most people do not notice
    • Air filters and air ducts cleaning


Free diagnostic + fixed and predictable repair fee per incidence type. We have scaled prices for incidence like broken projector fan, broken color wheel, ballast repair, overheating issue, etc. The estimate given before the pick-up is all you have to pay. If ever we envisage any review, we will run the repair by you before attempting the repair. The repair will only proceed upon your say-so.


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