Whatever the fault with your projector. Our projector repair team can fix it. Repairtech is a specialist projector repair centre for most projector make and models with 3 months warranty.

Services on offer are, electronic fault Repair, projector lamp replacement, white dots on image repair,  colour wheel replacement and projector fan repair.

Our preventative maintenance services can prevent most of the projector faults and it covers all out of warranty issues for Office/Classroom projectors, home theatre projectors, interactive projectors for conference rooms, churches and other venues.

We support the following manufacturers; Acer, Barco, BenQ, CTX, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, iiyama, InFocus, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Panasonic Home Projector, Philips, Pioneer, Proxima , Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, Toshiba DPD Projectors, Toshiba TACP Projectors, ViewSonic, Vivitar and Vivitek, etc


Incredible savings can be made through the maintenance of your existing projectors as opposed to allowing it to fall into disrepair.

Manufacturers, channel distributors and re-sellers are all besieged with numerous overheads, consequently, their mantra is always, buy, buy, and buy. The new products seem also to be engineered to stay running just till the warranty period runs out. Let us repair what you have.

The adverse effect of neglect.

  • Washed out colour or burnt LCD Panels, dark or coloured patches. Jammed focus and zoom due to dirty and misaligned optics. Dust, Specks, and Dark Spots on Projector Image.
  •  Flashing Lamp and temperature light due to the burnt ballast or fan outage. Projector booting problem, Intermittent operation. 
  • No Inputs Recognized by Projector, VGA, DVI and HDMI ports working intermittently or not working at all


Repairtech Ireland supplies genuine projector lamps and bulbs for next day delivery all over Ireland.

Ushio lamps, Osram lamps, Philips Lamps, Phoenix, Epson and Matsushita lamps. These lamps are for popular projector manufacturers such as 3M, Acer, Barco, Benq, Canon, Christie, Dell, Eiki, Epson, Geha, Hitachi, Infocus, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nobo. Optoma, Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic, Vivitek, etc.

We also sell manual and motorized projector screens with aspect ratios of 1.1, 16:10, 16:9, and 4:3. Da-Lite screens, Draper screens, Euroscreen screens, Metroplan screens, Optoma screens and Sapphire screens. Ditto Ultra short throw wall mount, projector ceiling mounts. B-Tech projector mounts, Chief projector mounts, Ergotron projector mount, Newstar projector mounts, Peerless projector mounts, Vision projector mounts and Vogel’s projector mounts, etc.



Projector Repair Clare

Low-cost projector repair and projector maintenance service by specialist audiovisual engineers for Schools, Businesses, Organizations and Home Users. Our repair and maintenance services on offer  in Clare includes the following

  • DLP projector repair for white spots on projector screens
  • Projector colour wheel repair
  • Non-booting projectors
  • Non-functioning input ports repair
  • Projector fan repair

Projector Lamps

We have over 12,000 projector lamps for most manufacturers, such as Acer, Barco, BenQ, CTX, Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, iiyama, InFocus, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Panasonic Home Projector, Philips, Pioneer, Proxima , Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, ViewSonic, Vivitar and Vivitek, etc.

We have a large inventory of lamps and bulbs of different technologies for sale
in Clare, including  XENON, UHP, UHM, NSH & UHE Lamps.

LCD, LED, and LCOS Projector Repair 

Advanced LCD, LED, Laser and LCOS projector repair and maintenance service for Multimedia projectors, short throw and long throw projectors.
Common LCD projectors issues we repair are;

  • Dull image
  • Banding and chicken wire effect.
  • No boot and intermittent shutdowns
  • Air filters and air ducts cleaning
  • Lenses Assembly cleaning and replacement
  • Inputs ports repair
Located at:
Unit 7 Tallaght Business Centre Whitestown Road,Tallaght,
Phone: +353858608300